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Hair care products are rich in natural ingredients and minerals from the Dead Sea

Hair care products are rich in natural nutrients and minerals looking healthy hair and repairing dry and damaged hair.

When the product is adapted to the nature of the hair and is used daily, there is a significant improvement in appearance and volume of hair, mainly because of the natural ingredients that are very effective for nourishing the hair.

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Salt free Keratin Hair Shampoo

Keratin shampoo has been developed specifically for hair that has undergone any straightening proced..

Shampoo for Colored & Dry Hair

A triple action Shampoo for Colored and Dry Hair, nourishes, softens, and protects the hair. This s..

Mud Shampoo

An exclusive Mud Shampoo based on minerals and mud from the Dead Sea combined with Obliphicha ..

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

A superb therapeutic Anti-Dandruff shampoo, for the thorough cleaning of the hair and scalp, wi..

Hair Stabilizer Conditioner

A Stabilizer Conditioner that contains Dead Sea minerals that nourish the scalp and suppl..

High Quality Mineral Shampoo

This Mineral Shampoo contains Dead Sea minerals that nourish the scalp and supply the hair with..

High Quality Mineral Shampoo with Obliphica

A superb therapeutic Mineral Shampoo, for the thorough cleaning of the hair and scalp, with a suppl..

Moroccan Hair Serum

A unique compound  Moroccan Hair Serum designed to nourish and care for the hair, containing a ..

PURE Linen Hair Serum

Care and Beauty Dead Sea Hair serum based on linen seed essence preserves the hair during blow dryin..

PURE Obliphica Hair Serum

A unique compound Obliphica Hair Serum designed to nourish and care for the hair, containing a combi..

Avocado Hair Mask

Care and Beauty Dead Sea Avocado Hair Mask Linseed oil helps to make the hair smooth and flexib..

Black Mud & Zinc Hair Mask

A therapeutic mask, ideal for treating dandruff and problems relating to a sensitive scalp, enriched..

Carrot Hair Mask

A unique Carrot Hair Mask enriched with vitamins C, B5, B1, B2, A, prevents premature hair fall..

Honey Hair Mask

Honey Hair Mask contains Dead Sea minerals, especially suitable for the warm and dry Israeli climat..

Keratin & pearl dust serum for straightened hair

Care and Beauty Dead Sea pure Keratin serum was developed in our labs using a precise formula for ha..

Obliphica Hair Mask

Obliphica Hair Mask for softening the hair and retaining its moisture.Enriched with Obliphica o..

Keratin Hair Mask with Pearl Powder

Care and Beauty Dead Sea Keratin Hair Mask molecularly adjusted for hair that has been chemically tr..

Moroccan Hair Mask

Moroccan Hair Mask enriched with minerals, gives your ir a groomed and pretty look, improves ha..

The products contain minerals from the deepest layers of the Dead Sea, along with other ibex components that help maintain the moisture of the hair and nourish it according to the type and texture of the hair.

In our C & B - Care & Beauty Line you will find a variety of products such as: Linen serum for protection and maintenance of hair, hairless shampoo for hair, a wide range of masks for protection and rehabilitation of hair such as: Olive and more .